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How Separating From My Partner Has Effected My Business

Since the beginning of the year my business has increased in over 600% in sales!  This is an amazing achievement but keeping the work/life balance has been a huge challenge.

My baby girl was born in January and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to be at home working on my business.

So why did the relationship fall apart?

About two weeks before Mikayla was born my partner walked out of his job, literally!  By the time she was about 3 months old I was forced to return to the workforce because of the financial stress.

My return to work didn’t last long.  I hated being away from my girl and not being given the opportunity to work on my business like I thought I would.

Quite often, I would look at other business women and parents of young children for inspiration.  Despite the pressures my business was booming!

By the time sales were becoming more predicable and I was making more products I decided I would leave work and pursue my dream.  At the end of the day, this was what I really wanted to do.

Therefore, I worked on my business any chance I had.  I discovered that the more time I put into my business, the more I got out!  My partner and I lost common interests and rarely spent time together.  He could not understand why I wanted to work on my business and I could not understand why he didn’t want me to.

I once heard someone say “surround yourself only with those who are positive.  Take away the negative people and you will succeed.”

At the end of the day, my partner was not a positive influence on my career, financial situation, happiness, or self-esteem so I decided to leave.

Already, I am feeling so much more happy and confident.  I have discovered how strong and independent I am.  Networking with other single mums has been such a pleasure and I hope to meet many more!

Because of the change, my sales have decreased.  But am working on a fresh look for my business and a brand new line of products!

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What is a blog?

I have redesigned my blog after pondering on the question “what is a blog?”  It seems that everytime I post on Facebook, snap a picture on Instagram, like a pin on Pinterest or tweet on Twitter I am blogging!

Jazminbell first started as a Tumblr blog and it was great!  I could place all my inspiration, ideas, products and projects into one place.  And, I could find any post I had made easily at anytime.  So what went wrong?

As the brand developed, I started to connect with clients through various social media platforms.  Engagement was strong and I had no reason to continue my blog.  Social media was able to provide the same outcome and I could tailor the posts I made depending on the server.

Basically, I was forced to change something.  It is no easy task keeping track of so many different platforms!

This is my new blog.  I hope you like and follow me!

Let’s leave the updates to Facebook, picture-taking to Instagram, inspiration to Pinterest, tweets to Twitter and make a space that gives you an insight into the person behind the Jazminbell brand.


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